Dress and Suit alteration and tailoring specialist in the downtown core of Toronto

Dress and Suit alteration and tailoring specialist in the downtown core of Toronto

Mina Design and Alteration

alteration and tailoring specialist in the downtown core of Toronto

Mina does professional alterations for both men and womens wear including: suits, formal wear, leather work, jeans, rugged work clothes, wedding gowns and more.

Mina provides a knowledgeable and wide range of experience in clothing alterations including but not limited to: restyling, resizing as well as hemming, lengthening, shortening, and more. Changing zippers, changing linings, taperings of any garment including pants, jackets, coats, leather, business suits, wedding and prom dresses.

Dress Alterations in Toronto for Weight Change

If your weight has changed

Mina can fix your wardrobe professionally and affordably to achieve that perfect fit again.

Dress Alterations Toronto

Clothes off the rack are sized on models

If you want your clothes to fit right, Mina can redesign, alter and restyle your garment into a flattering shape that you’d be happy to wear.

Suit Alterations for Men Toronto

Toronto's BEST place for men's suit alteration.

Rush orders and drop-in’s are welcome. No appointment needed with exception for Bridal Gowns.

Our Services


We are focused on high standards, personal service and satisfaction in all kinds of garments from jeans to designer clothes.


Jacket or coat
• Shortening or lengthening sleeves
• Shorten sleeves from shoulder
• Resizing shoulder and arm hole
• Take in back jacket
• Let out back jacket
• Tapering jacket sleeves
• Shortening jacket length
• Add/replace lining in jackets or coat
• Shorten sleeves length
• Take in side and sleeves (Regular or French seam)
• Make dart on back of shirt
• Shorten sleeves from shoulder & fix arm hole
• Shorten shirt length
• Take in/ let out seams/darts
• Replace zippers
• Insert/remove bra cups
• Adjust the length of straps on a shirt/dress
• Lengthen/shorten hems
• Lengthen/shorten sleeves
• Plain Hem
• Jean Hem
• Yoga Hem
• Euro Hem
• Yoga Euro Hem
Take in or let out the waist & crotch
Replace or lower a waistband
Shorten crotch
Add/replace lining in pants
Seams can be used to re-shape a pair of pants to suit you better:
• Take in or let out the sides (with or without lining)
• Take in or let out the thighs
• Tapering pants

Put patch on pants or Jeans

• Take in or let out side seam
• Take in or let out from center seam
• Shorten length
• Lengthen or shorten the length
• Take in or let out side/center seam with or without zipper
• Change zipper
• Change west band
We can breathe life back into an old pair of pants:
• Fix ripped pockets or sew on patches
• Replace missing buttons
• Replace broken zipper


313 Queen St W Unit #203 Second floor,
Toronto, ON M5V 2E5


Sunday & Monday: Closed
Tuesday:       10:30 am to 7:00 pm
Wednesday: 10:30 am to 7:00 pm
Thursday:     10:30 am to 7:00 pm
Friday:          10:30 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday:     10:30 am to 5:00 pm