It’s hard to decide between made-to-measure suits versus pre-made tailored ones simply because the former is tailored to precise measurements but the latter is more budget-friendly. The starting prices of tailored outfits can be more than ready-to-wear selections because they are made from scratch. But are they really better than off-the-rack options? If they are both priced similarly, which one should you choose? 

Before we proceed, let’s shed some more light on the word “custom” and “bespoke” that are often confused with each other.

Custom, Bespoke & Made-to-Measure

Custom refers to outfits that are not ready to wear. Tailored suits bought off the rack are not custom suits. They are simply tailored, ready made suits. Custom suits are fully bespoke, made-to-measure suits. 

Having said that, the word “bespoke” differs from custom tailored too. While a bespoke suit is hand-crafted from scratch and includes a fitting in between to ensure a perfect finish, made-to-measure suits are machine-cut from an existing pattern, then adjusted to the customer’s specific measurements. As a result, the prices between all three differ. 

A handcrafted bespoke suit is synonymous with top quality, fit and style. Because it is tailored by highly skilled professionals for discerning customers. The finished suit takes at least a couple of days to be completed. It integrates details that are subject to the customer’s specifications.

Price Differences

As you can expect, there is a considerable price difference between the three. Bespoke and made to measure are more expensive because they need skilled tailors who assess your body measurements from head to toe, advise you on the right materials, stitching techniques, find the best styles that compliment your unique shape and ensure the perfect fit, making sure it meets your expectations.

Off-the-rack suits cannot be customized this way. They are budget-friendly, have room for adjustments, hence are more affordable. In made-to-measure suits, the materials are of your choice and the fit is good, but may not be perfect. They are crafted by large industrial machines with a template set to specific dimensions. If you are in a hurry to buy a budget-friendly suit, these may work out better for your requirements. 

For more formal events that require customized cuts, tailored bespoke suits are crafted to your exact specifications. It is easy to pick and choose between your material, style, colour, texture, linings and button arrangements.

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