At Mina Design & Alteration, we understand that when you suffer from limited mobility, getting dressed can be quite the challenge. Equally, finding an outfit that you actually like can be just as hard! That’s why we believe in broadening the scope of your options by not limiting you to only what’s available in the adaptive clothing marketplace. We offer clothing alterations in Toronto that can help those who lack the full range of motion to dress themselves in choosing their favourite fits! The benefits to this are twofold – it promotes the wearer’s psychological and physical well-being by allowing them to feel and look great, and it gives them complete control in what they get to wear. As a company that specializes in professional alterations for men and women’s clothing, we understand how to tweak existing wear to better accommodate your needs. Keep reading to learn about some of the ways we can accomplish this.

How To Alter Pants To Accommodate The Seated Figure

For those who use a wheelchair, it’s important to adjust pants to make them the most comfortable they can be! In order to prevent bunching up in the crotch area and to reduce the tightness around this area and the wearer’s stomach, we can shorten the center front seam and lengthen the back one. 

Additionally, to allow wearers to take advantage of pant pockets, it’s important to move them! Keeping them on the side is entirely impractical for someone who’s a wheelchair user. By adding them to the upper thigh area, it provides easy access to whatever you can fit within! We also encourage adding zippers or velcro to the pockets so as to ensure nothing falls out throughout the day. 

How To Alter Clothes For Limited Mobility

When sitting or lying on bulky clothing, it can lead to discomfort and painful pressure sores. By adding elements like a gusset in the crotch area, it allows wearers to have extra room without making it bulky and uncomfortable in the back of the pants. Selecting durable and non-irritating materials also facilitates comfort. Putting in zippers, velcro, or magnetic clips to the sides and backs of clothing make it easier to remove and put back on, which is especially important for those with limited mobility. 

How To Adjust Clothes For Independence

Removing buttons or hooks and replacing them with zippers, velcro, magnetic clips or even elastic waistbands can make it easier for wearers to dress themselves and help those that are dressing them as well. Also, changing the opening of the garment from the front to the back makes it easier to slide on and off without giving away that the clothes are inherently different than others. This tip is especially true for our dress alterations in Toronto for adaptive clothing, as by making the dress open at the back, it prevents the wearer from having to lift their arms to put the garment on.

Our alteration services in Toronto can aid in designing adaptive clothing that is functional, comfortable and, most importantly, fashionable! Make sure to visit us downtown to hear about what we can do to make the clothes you never thought you could wear become a staple in your closet!