If you dread bikini season, it may be because you can’t find a swimsuit you love. Shopping for the right bathing suit can be stressful; we often purchase one that we don’t end up wearing because we don’t like how it looks after just one season or it may not fit properly anymore. If your swimsuit does not look right to you or the style is no longer in fashion, you don’t have to worry because there are plenty of things you can do to tailor your swimsuit at home and turn it into something new. 

Here are a few ideas to try if you’re no longer in love with your swimsuit but don’t really feel like shopping for a new one:

  1. Add a layer of lace over your bikini to transform it into loungewear. You can either throw on a long sheet of lace over it like a dress or sew a piece of it between the two pieces of the bikini, making it a fashionable one piece that may be more flattering. 
  2. Give arts and crafts a try by adding beads or costume jewellery to your swimsuit. If you have old jewellery you no longer wear or random embellishments that are lying around your house, add them to your bathing suit. Pearls, sequins, lace trims and brooches all look fabulous and will enhance the look of your current swimsuit. You can either sew them on or use a glue gun if you prefer. 
  3. Tailor the straps to suit your body. If your bathing suit straps are too tight or too loose, alter them so that the swimsuit fits your body and you feel comfortable. You can add length by sewing in material or shorten them with the use of a sewing machine. You’ll be surprised at what a big difference altering the straps will make. 
  4. If you have a one piece bathing suit you no longer wear, turn it into a bikini. You can cut it in any way you want so the bottom piece can be high-waist or low-waist. This will transform it into a completely new swimsuit and you won’t have to worry about finding a new one. You will need some sewing skills for this option because you will have to hem the pieces and sew in an elastic band for the bottom piece.

These are just a few simple ways of tailoring your swimsuit and turning it into something new. Shopping for a new bathing suit can be stressful, so these tips will allow you to keep a bathing suit you love by making some changes to it. While DIY projects are fun, sometimes you need professional help when it comes to the clothes you love. Mina Design & Alteration can help you with all of your clothing alteration needs, including suits and dresses so you can wear the clothes you love for a very long